Performance Coaching and Mentoring for Sales Leaders

Performance Coaching and Mentoring for Sales Leaders 

The sales leaders are always under the pressure of extreme demands to attract, develop and retain sales talent.

Do your sales managers have the capabilities to motivate effectively, lead and keep their people? How can they develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve growth and keep good salespeople, especially when recruiters call the best performers with enticing offers?

Historically, most sales organizations hire their first and second level sales managers by promoting their best individual contributors. However, even experienced sales managers struggle with basic leadership skills, such as motivating and coaching their people.

In contrast, the best performing sales management teams take a logical, stepwise approach to developing their leadership skills:

  • Has a positive impact on work and life 
  • Maximises individual and professional potentials
  • Increases performance in management and leadership
  • Is an inspiring and creative process on a partnership basis
  • Has a high level of practical relevance
  • Focussed on management tasks and the manager as a person

At THERADAR GLOBAL, we provide a unique type of coaching to develop the sales managers’ leadership skills and abilities, by blending training and coaching with the supporting tools and models. Practicing the application of these methods sales managers develop new leadership capabilities that they can apply immediately.

We experience that the sales managers can become great leaders if they are given the proper tools, practice, and management support. We coach the sales managers on what they should deal with in daily life so that they approach coaching sessions in a much more positive and productive way.”