Onboarding Coaching And Mentoring

Onboarding Coaching And Mentoring 

Organizations can spend several months and significant resources searching for and interviewing a new sales executive or sales people. After the offer is accepted and the individual joins the company, the Onboarding Process often does not receive the same level of effort and energy as the hiring process.

Many researchers points that, most organizations fully acknowledge that onboarding is critical, in particular with the well-documented high cost of failure — executive failures can cost up to 40 times the base salary of leaders, and this is also a fact for a sales person proportionally.

We know that over 40% of all new executives fail in their first 18 months of employment, and this ratio is much bigger for the sales people.  

This is why we provide Onboarding Coaching service with the experienced coaches who support and accompany the new sales executives and sales people during their first weeks to integrate the new hire quickly and efficiently and make quick and lasting successes possible.

At THERADAR GLOBAL, we offer two kinds of onboarding services for New Hires and Internal Promotions:

  • Sales Executive Onboarding
  • Sales People Onboarding