Our Consultants

Our Consultants 

Talented individuals who are passionate about your sales growth

Our consultants are talented individuals who are willing to take on challenges that ultimately impact our clients’ sales performance and, above all, their people. All THERADAR GLOBAL Consultants know that each company faces unique challenges, pressures and, of course, opportunities in their sales operations and are experts on:

  • Applying proven techniques, methodologies and best practices from one industry and apply it to others
  • Anticipating the specific needs of our clients
  • Helping clients address the inevitable shifts in their industries and the global economy
  • Offering modularized content that can be tailored easily and quickly
  • Developing communication strategies to accelerate program adoption
  • Sustaining learning through coaching, reconnect sessions, and reinforcement tools
  • Performing deep assessments and engage with senior leaders to align the solution with the sales and corporate strategy 
  • Evaluating learning transfer and behavior change

As our consultants are a part of the biggest network of experts who are operating thousands of days in projects held more than 50 countries, they can maintain their skill sets and always fresh and remain updated as a top performer sales consultant. Also, our consultants take a role in most of the international projects as project leader and/or consultant that such international experience enables them to synthesize multiple perspectives and provide an enhanced learning experience.

Therefore, when you work with THERADAR GLOBAL, you will get an utmost experience from all our consultants who possess desirable qualities and set of personal skills that are strongly interrelated: experience, patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and a natural affinity with groups.