Join As a Consultant

Join As a Consultant 

Discover more about working with us and make a difference – to our clients and your career. 

At THERADAR GLOBAL we are always on the lookout for the brightest and best sales professionals to join our world-class consulting team we want to work with talented individuals who are willing to take on challenges that ultimately impact our clients’ sales performance.

Being a contract consultant is not for the timid or meek. This is a career choice that is perfect for professionals who enjoy something new and challenging and different every day. It is a big commitment, and it is not to be taken lightly but for those ready for the adventure, we have opportunities available immediately! 

Whether you have a few years of experience in sales management in any industry, consider taking your career to the next level at THERADAR GLOBAL. As we work with different clients from all sectors you do not have to fit into a mold at THERADAR GLOBAL as a Consultant—there isn’t one.

We do, however, seek people with high drive, relentless curiosity, the desire to create their path, the ability to work collaboratively, and the passion and leadership to make an impact on individuals, teams and organizations.

We believe, your experience and knowledge are valuable, and we are dedicated to your development so that your performance and your career are stronger as a result of working with us.

So get ready to go! Write to us and we will guide you to the proper gear to lead you to the career of your dreams and be a member of the world’s best recognized and admired delivery channel.