Corporate Sales Academy

Corporate Sales Academy 

We know that most of the companies are in a buyer’s market and under the pressure of intense competition between the leading competitors and a range of smaller companies with differing business models. To overcome their customers’ price driven mindset they need to change and build a sales organization capable of selling on value, not features or price, which only means “a sales organization readily recognized as a source of value by the customer.” 

At THERADAR GLOBAL, we know that this is not an easy job and believe that unless a sustainable model supported by integrated methodologies is established this cannot be achieved.

As part of our goal to create long-term, sustainable change, THERADAR GLOBAL, work with clients to create Corporate Sales Academies, in which change is maintained and continues an on-going process. By embedding our objective methodology into business, as usual, we can modify the way our clients recruit, evaluate, train and progress their sales force.

THERADAR GLOBAL has deep expertise in working with corporate organizations to develop and implement successful Sales Academies with the following objectives:

  • Increase revenue and profitability 
  • Change behaviors through a holistic approach to building sales effectiveness 
  • Differentiate by creating value through sales 
  • Build deeper more strategic client relationships 
  • Be recognized as world class in sales strategy, customer service and sales training

A good academy is a joined up approach to building sales effectiveness and has a strong focus on best practice in the way the business attracts, evaluates, trains, coaches and rewards its employees. THERADAR GLOBAL is uniquely placed to facilitate this, with a particular emphasis on managing the evaluation, training, and coaching elements by taking the following KPI’s into consideration:

  • A clear vision agreed before the launch of the Academy. 
  • A planned series of communications and activities surrounding the launch of the Academy. 
  • A client is fully engaged in the project, pro-active in its development and implementation, and rigorous in ensuring the Academy remains aligned with the business’s objectives. 
  • The success of the Academy is a tribute to the unyielding working relationship and sense of partnership between the client and us as a service provider. 
  • A solution designed entirely to reflect the existing competencies and market realities of the customer. 
  • A significant commitment to reinforcement and coaching activities to drive behavioral change. 
  • Well-designed logistical control and systems.

As THERADAR GLOBAL graphic below illustrates, training and accrediting client’s managers to conduct objective, live and, therefore, accurate assessments are at the center of the THERADAR GLOBAL methodology to deliver sales excellence success through real and sustained employee engagement that lay the foundation for an active Sales Academy.

Business Model and Sales Strategy

  • Vision / Direction
  • Business Model
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Performance Expectations
  • Competencies

Analysis of Learning and Development Needs

  • Sales People Profiles
  • Assessment Centers
  • GAP Analysis
  • Competencies
  • Behaviors
  • Contribution

Planning Learning and Development

  • Objective and Target Setting
  • Designing Learning and Development Activities
  • Learning and Development Files
  • Individuals / Teams
  • Development Methods
  • Follow-Up Methods
  • Budgeting

Implementation of Learning and Development Activities

  • Learning and Development Systems and Methods
  • Classroom Training
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Technic or Competency Specific
  • Learning and Development Records

ROI of Learning and Development

  • Coaching, Mentorship
  • Job Performance
  • Planned vs. Realization
  • Business Impacts / Results
  • Converting Into Habits


  • Motivation
  • Speed / Adaptation
  • Performance Culture
  • Continuous Learning
  • Agility

Maximum ROI on Learning and Development