About Us

About Us 

THERADAR GLOBAL is a dedicated company that generates measurable and sustainable performance improvement across sales. THERADAR GLOBAL involves your specific issues and priorities, your organization’s challenges, pressures and opportunities and your customers’ expectations. Then we make sure –together with you every aspect of the project—from consulting to the delivery of content, from measurement to follow-up coaching and evaluation— is fully customized to your organization’s learning needs, culture, timeframe, and budget.

THERADAR GLOBAL offers a full suite of proven, world-class content and methodologies based on a scalable system which ensures that the training delivers real, measurable business impact and brings a total solution of the companies’ ongoing challenges, below:

  • Delayed Closings
  • Not Enough New Opportunities
  • Low Conversion Ratios
  • Ineffective Sales Process
  • Turnover Too Many Salespeople do not Make It
  • Mediocrity, Under Achievement & Complacency
  • Weak Sales Management
  • Lack of Alignment
  • Excuse Making
  • Losing Business to the Competition
  • Takes Too Long to Ramp up New Salespeople
  • Not Enough of a Sales Culture
  • Not Growing Fast Enough
  • Not Able to Scale the Sales Force
  • Not Sure If we Have the Right Salespeople
  • Salespeople Lack Necessary Skills
  • Unable to Select the Right Salespeople
  • Unable to Find the Right Salespeople
  • Margins are Too Low

These challenges cannot handle and transform performance on a permanent basis without using a combination of experience, objective methodology, proven/world class Assessment Tools and cutting-edge technology. As THERADAR GLOBAL, we know that a long-lasting performance cannot develop and maintained by offering only "off-the-shelf" solutions, therefore, we offer much more to those clients with their unique needs.

THERADAR GLOBAL’s modular consulting approach provides rigorous competency-based assessments, superior blended learning capabilities, advanced coaching and reinforcement services, application tools, measurement and accreditation to drive performance and support talent management.

  • At a glance, from inception through to delivery, THERADAR GLOBAL offers a limitless array of solutions to meet your needs below: 
  • Improve the performance of your management team, select and transform your fresh new recruits into sales experts or implement a bespoke graduate training program,
  • Want to reorganize your sales processes,
  • Establish your Corporate Sales Academy or transforming the existing one 
  • We provide support every step of the way to ensure our services maximum benefit to your business.