You are a CEO, a Chief Sales Officer CSO, a Chief HR Officer CHRO or a Learning and Development Manager.

Just imagine, what if:

  • Could we solve your problems based on the outcomes of a proven/world class assessment tools answering the questions below?
  • All the solutions we provide are a combination of experience, objective methodology, and cutting-edge technology?
  • Our solutions -from consulting to the delivery of content, from measurement to follow-up coaching and evaluation— is fully customized to your organization’s learning needs, sales culture, timeframe, and budget?
  • We help you to generate measurable and sustainable performance improvement across sales?

  1. What impact is sales management having on the sales force
    • What do changes need to make to become a “world class” sales management team
    • What is the current potential of the sales management team
    • What performance standards should we be using to measure performance other than sales results
  2. What processes and sales management tools if any need to be added or tweaked
  3. Should sales be growing at a faster pace
  4. Is there alignment between management and the sales team in the areas of strategy, priorities and tactics
  5. Do we have the right people
    • Are they in the right roles
    • Are our salespeople as aggressive as they need to be to compete in our business
  6. What changes do we need to make to our recruiting plan
  1. Is our current sales culture causing us to miss business (ROI)
  2. How is our time/priority management
  3. Are our salespeople motivated
  4. Can they demonstrate value and sell at higher prices
  5. What is the quality of our pipeline
    • Do we have enough opportunities in the pipeline
    • Are there opportunities in the pipeline that aren’t qualified
    • Who can be trained to sell more efficiently
  6. Does our sales team have the “Crucial Elements” for sales success
  7. Do we have a “unified” sales process
  8. What are reasonable expectations for my sales team
  9. Do we have an effective recruiting/hiring plan
  10. Which people have the greatest potential
  11. What’s the biggest problem facing my sales team
  12. What is possible if we take advantage of all of our potential (ROI)
  13. Are there any problems I do not know
  14. Define the overall corporate culture.
  15. Do we have a clearly defined sales plan
    • Are my salespeople currently capable of executing it
    • Does our current compensation plan support our Sales Goals, Key Initiatives and intended sales team behavior
  16. What sales/sales management processes and/or tools do we need to address
  17. How can we better take advantage of technology to enhance sales effectiveness
  18. What’s missing in our sales culture